• Client:

    Creative agency
  • Projekt:

    Ambient advertisement in the shape of a can with a beer-pouring function
  • Scope of work:

    • Preparing the design
    • Building the aluminium frame
    • Welding the frame using the TIG method
    • Installing cooling equipment and a pump
    • Wrapping the frame with plotter-cut polymeric film

This project involved the design and preparation of a large-scale beer can for a creative agency. The primary goal was to attract attention to the original form of the ad, but it also had a practical function – it could be used to pour alcohol-free beer. The finished project was shipped to Norway.


The can was designed based on an authentic product of a Norwegian beer brand. The entire frame was made of aluminium and welded using the TIG method. The sections were cold-rolled. The entire frame was wrapped with plotter-cut polymeric film. The model was designed in such a way that only half of it could be opened. This enabled the installation of cooling equipment and a pump.

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