• Client:

    Lokal gastronomiczny
  • Project:

    Signboard in the form of a bicycle frame
  • Scope of work:

    • Renovating the frame
    • Painting
    • Decorating with leather accessories
    • Incorporating a neon sign

This project concerned an unconventional signboard to attract people to visit a nearby bar. The design was deliberately shaped like a bicycle frame because the outlet was located next to a famous bike trail in a mountain town. To make the signboard even more noticeable, we added an integrated neon sign.


We started by purchasing an old bicycle whose frame best suited our purpose. The first stage was to refurbish the frame and then paint it green. We lined the most characteristic parts, i.e. the seat and the handlebar with leather to make them stand out against the metal frame. The last phase was to integrate a signboard into the frame and install a neon sign reading: “BAR”.