• Client:

  • Project:

    Two-piece XXL Easter egg for children
  • Scope of work:

    • Building the structure from plywood
    • Milling
    • Filling with PUR foam
    • Machining
    • Painting
    • Applying a protective layer

The project concerned the design and preparation of an XXL egg for a Norwegian company selling poultry meat and eggs. This unconventional structure was dedicated to kids, who would be able to enter the large egg. It was also used as an original advertisement during the Easter season.


We started working on the giant egg by preparing a structure made of CNC-milled plywood. The next stage was to fill the egg with PUR foam and subject it to machining to give it the right shape. The outer layer was made of polyester resin and fibre-reinforced filler putty so that the structure would resemble an actual egg. Finally, the design was painted with a hard protective layer of RAPTOR coating with a coarse texture to prevent scratching and mechanical damage.