• Client:

    Public institution
  • Project:

    Renovating an old railway station clock
  • Scope of work:

    • Cleaning
    • Sanding
    • Galvanising
    • Powder coating
    • Preparing a contemporary electronic control unit
    • Building a new housing
    • Sealing the housing

This project concerned the renovation of a legendary clock which had long been a cult symbol of a former railway station. It was found in pieces in an old, rundown warehouse and then delivered to our company. We accepted the challenge to renovate and reconstruct the clock, which was eventually installed on the eve of the 154th anniversary of the city of Katowice.


The project began with careful cleaning of the clock, which was subsequently sanded, galvanised and powder coated. The next stage was to prepare and install a contemporary electronic control unit. The finished clock was placed inside a new housing which was later sealed. Eventually, the clock was installed on the existing facade of the railway station.