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Media Industry Katowice – Zrealizujemy każdy projekt reklamowy

We can complete any advertising project

We can complete any advertising project

We can implement projects concerning visual communication in various business areas. By combining our expertise, experience and creativity, we can address the individual needs of any business. Illuminated ads or wrap advertising? We will make your business stand out in every aspect.



Get to know our clients and see the projects we have completed to date. The scope of work involved in each project is customised to the particular client.


Our unconventional projects

The can was designed based on an authentic product of a Norwegian beer brand. The entire frame was made of aluminium and welded using the TIG method.

Creative agency

This project involved the design and preparation of a large-scale beer can for a creative agency.


Public institution

This project concerned the renovation of a legendary clock which had long been a cult symbol of a former railway station.


The project began with careful cleaning of the clock, which was subsequently sanded, galvanised and powder coated.

The first stage was to create a design of a high-tech stand, in accordance with the instructions received from LOGITECH.


This project involved the complete preparation of an innovative exhibition stand for an event in Oslo for the LOGITECH brand.


Food service outlet

This project concerned an unconventional signboard to attract people to visit a nearby bar.


We started by purchasing an old bicycle whose frame best suited our purpose.

We started working on the giant egg by preparing a structure made of CNC-milled plywood. The next stage was to fill the egg with PUR foam...


The project concerned the design and preparation of an XXL egg for a Norwegian company selling poultry meat and eggs.

How do we work?

Our visual advertising team is composed of several enthusiasts with experience in graphic design, production of visual advertisements and marketing. We combine our expertise, long experience and limitless creativity to handle even the most demanding projects. We create designs to meet the needs of you and your business.

Get to know us

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